Khalia Ervin - April 13 2020

Overcoming Doubt & Fear

Lets begin with a quote!

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”– Muhammad Ali

Take a walk with me through this journey…

As some of you may know, we started our athleisure and candle businesses, January 2019, and we hit the ground running since our launch, May of 2019. It has been a teachable moment for us each and every day! Not one day goes by that we are not learning something new about entrepreneurship, ourselves, and our partnership. One major lesson that all entrepreneurs can agree upon is that this journey takes a tremendous amount of courage, dedication, passion, and the ability to accept failure. It is vital that you believe in your vision 110 percent, because it is naive to expect for others to believe in your vision, if you don’t! Therefore, we realized immediately the road to success depends on our will to put in the hard work in order to bring our vision into manifestation. Even if that means failing the first time, and finding the courage to get back up to do it all over again with a wiser game plan. This journey is definitely not for the weak, and easily distracted! You must not allow for doubt and fear to take the steering wheel. Believe that!

I will give you all an example of how doubt/fear almost took over my decision making, and I almost opted out of an opportunity that has presently blessed me in many ways. We were presented with an opportunity back in October 2019 to be a part of, “The House Of Yere: Fashion Show!” Our very first fashion show as designers! This was huge for us, because we have never walked in the shoes of a designer in a fashion show. Of course, we chose to capitalize on the opportunity even though, so much doubt crept in especially as the day of show started to become closer. No lie! I was ready to opt out due to the feeling of doubt and fear a couple of days before the show. Fortunately, the co-founder (Brianna) gave me that well needed pep talk that helped me weed out the doubt and fear that I was allowing to take over my decision making. Long story short, we attended our very first fashion show, and killed it! We were able to be a part of an amazing show hosted by, Yere, made some amazing connections, and major brand exposure.

Moral of the story, when opportunity comes knocking, open the door, and seize the moment! DO NOT allow self-doubt and fear to hinder you from tapping into your greatness! Believe in yourself and your abilities. Always, surround yourself around a positive uplifting team that truly wants to see you win.

House Of Yere: Fashion Show!