We are proud to annouce our partnership with Maasai Water Project to help reinstate and protect basic human rights in East Africa. Maasai Water Project works to bring safe clean drinking water, school supplies, and sanitary underwear to more than 8,000 indigenous peoples living in remote parts of East Africa. Our brand produces athleisure wear backed with a purposeful meaning, and we support Maasai Water Project initiatives. We want to fill your closet with pieces that are comfortable, unique, and that also make a positive impact on the lives of others. We will donate 10% of our profit from each hat purchased to support the hard working humanitarian efforts of the Maasai Water Project.  

Dad Hats



Maasai Water Project Story

Today, about 1.5 million Maasai people are left on earth. All of them live in Sub-Saharan Africa where less than half the population has access to safe water. Many Maasai people are battling water scarcity, struggling to gain access to any water source at all. The limited access to this vital human right is inflicting great damage on the Maasai’s other human rights to health, education, culture & community.

Guided by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Declaration on theRights of Indigenous Peoples, Maasai Water Project works to protect these basic human rights by bringing sustainable safe water solutions and primary educational advancement to tribal communities living in remote parts of East Africa.

Sanitary Underwear 

Maasai girls miss 25% of school days due to their monthly menstrual period. Our Maasai girls do not have access to any kind of menstruation management products. Disposable options are not a feasible solution in this part of the world. Recognizing this need, we provide life changing underwear and financial support for our Maasai schoolgirls and women. 

School Supply

All Maasai children are now required to attend school. But for our Maasai family, the closest school is 17 miles one way, only accessible by foot through mountain and bush. So for these 37 children under 10 years old, we built our own family school. One of the young mothers volunteer teaches. There is no government funding, no teacher pay and no school supplies. A small donation is life changing for our children.

Bucket Hats




Produced to provide athletes and non-athletes with stylish athleisure gear that is powerful and backed with purpose. That purpose is to, GIVE BACK! We are not only providing you with originally designed unique dad hats, but with your investment we will be able to support families. Your support will be providing children, women, and men access to clean water. This is the meaning behind the, “Look Back, Give Back Initiative.”
For more information about the Maasai Water Project click the link below.