A Collaboration Between Two African/Black Queer Owned Brands Who Believe In The Power Of Unity, Equality, and Community!

Our Story

Sankofa Athletics and the Nick Ricardo Collection have partnered to create the "I AM ME" Foundation, a movement that is backed by our passion to uplift LGBTQIA+ and People of Color within our community. Our passion and eagerness to rise up stems from our appreciation for all that our community has contributed to our society.

Through the “I AM ME” Foundation we are proud to announce our partnership with Lost-n-Found Youth, an organization whose mission is to end homelessness for LGBTQ youth by providing food, shelter, and life stabilization services. As creators of color, we hope to not only motivate our community to be unapologetically themselves, but we also want to be an example and show the importance of solidarity and taking care of one another. We are honored to have teamed up with Lost-N-Found Youth. This organization holds a special place in our hearts, and we are so excited to be a part of their mission as they are a part of ours. To learn more about the organization go to https://lnfy.org/  

When you support our " I AM ME" collection, you will receive a fragrance sample set from the Nick Ricardo Collection that includes 15% off your purchase of a full-size bottle, an athleisure apparel shirt that includes a 10% off your purchase of apparel from Sankofa Athletics, and $2 of your purchase will go to Lost-n-Found Youth to support LGTQ youth experiencing homelessness and support to keep our queer youth safe.

We want to lead by example by collaborating on this movement as we believe this partnership is bigger than us. Our "I AM ME" Foundation is a reflection of us, and we hope that our stories inspire our community.  

Be You Collection

Our "Be You" Collection is geared towards inspiring people to love themselves no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Our goal is to encourage solidarity, and for Queer entrepreneurs to give back to their communities in any way that they possibly can.

We hope to push our community to pledge full support for their LGBTQIA+ businesses that are community focused. We have laid the foundation, and our goal is to build on this foundation. 

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BeYou Sample Set

The BeYou Sample Set is the discovery of finding your true authentic self through scent. Four 2ml beautifully handcrafted scents available for you to try before you commit to a full-size fragrance bottle. Purchase the Be You sample set today and receive 15% off your purchase of a Nick Ricardo signature scent. 


Khalia Ervin

Age: 34 
Born: Cincinnati, Ohio
Profession: Entrepreneur & 
Behavioral Specialist
"Tap into your purpose, and stay the course!!" - Khalia E

Nick Ricardo Yeast

Age: 28
Born: Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Profession: Founder of Nick Ricardo Collection 
“Whatever your story is, own it and own it proudly” - Nick R.  

"Nothing I Accept About Myself Can Be Used Against Me To Diminish Me" - Audre Lorde