Sankofa Athletics Is Going On Tour!


Sankofa Athletics, established in 2019, is an African-inspired athleisure brand dedicated to providing quality apparel, footwear, and accessories backed with purpose. Our mission is to evoke Authenticity, Strength, Innovation, Elevation, and Unity amongst athletes and non-athletes alike. For us, community means everything. This is why when we first launched, we decided to partner with the Maasai Water Project, a non-profit organization that provides clean drinking water to the Maasai people in Tanzania, and donate 10% of our profit from our hat collection to their cause. It is also with our community that we were able to continue to grow and accomplished so much within the past year, such as:

In 2020 – 2021 we have accomplished so much:
   • Sold out for the 1st time!
   • Multiple Features
         o NBC NEWS
         o Translash Zine
         o Back and Forth TV
         o GAYE Magazine
         o The Fox Magazine
         o Shoppe Black Feature
         o Voyage LA
         o Voyage ATL
         o Jaiko Magazine 
   • Two brick and mortar retail store in Michigan, Springfield
         o Indie Fashion Retail Store
         o The Pink Zebra Boutique 
   • Our 1st Fashion Week (Bovtiqve Fashion Week) 
         o Recap video above!
   • Launching our first billboard in Conyers, GA

This does not encompass all that we have done, but this provides some substance.


Being apart of the Bovtiqve Fashion Week is why we are here. As our first fashion week, the experience was irreplaceable as you can see in our recap video above. Bovtiqve Fashion Week is held twice a year during the months of February and September and rotates cities for every edition, providing the selected cities the platform to make a significant impression on a critical sector of the fashion industry - while highlighting the cities’ capacity to thrive within the growth of one of the most profitable industries in the world. And we are proud to announce that Sankofa Athletics have been selected to join them as one of their traveling brands on their The Believe Tour for the next 3 years!


This is an amazing opportunity for Sankofa Athletics to showcase our unique designs domestically and internationally, and being a part of The Believe Tour with Bovtiqve Fashion Week is just the start of that. We are asking you to help us and join us on our mission as we bring our cut and sewn African-inspired athleisure wear to new markets by becoming a Sankofa Athletics sponsor.

 Join Us...
As a sponsor you will be supporting a Black LGBTQIA+ Owned business with a mission to create change in not only the fashion industry, but the world. This tour is ever evolving, and we are excited for the future of Sankofa Athletics and Bovtique Fashion Week’s The Believe Tour. It is essential that we have supportive community sponsors, so collectively we can broaden our reach and touch the lives of more people in our communities one design at a time.

We have included for your review our list of sponsorship opportunities to choose from. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for Sankofa Athletics, please click the button down below, and if you have additional questions contact us at,

Thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting Sankofa Athletics on this journey. This is just one of many major milestones for us and we look forward to many more with you by our side.

A pledgee at any level is welcomed, and appreciated! Thank you for supporting the vision and mission of Sankofa Athletics.

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