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Sankofa Athletics is excited to announce our summertime basketball tour. Our summer goals for Sankofa Athletics are as follows: increase brand awareness,  representation, community engagement, and advancing in the world of basketball (sports). 

We are calling on sponsors to help us in our efforts to build Sankofa Athletics, so we can better serve our community through positive active outlets like basketball. Sports bring communities together, and when sports is paired with a purposeful meaning we then create a better future for all within the sports community. 

 Join US!

Tier 1: $400

  • Logo placement on website
  • Custom Varsity jacket w/business logo 

Tier 2: $800

  • Tier 1 Perks
  • Interview/Photoshoot 
  • Social Media Recognition

Please check out our travel lineup:

TBT 2023 

  • Location: TBA Date: (TBA) 
  • We need our community to come out and support us so we can be chosen. 

Vic Beasley Tournament 

  • Atlanta, GA (May 27 - 28th) 

Bay Area Showdown 

  • Tampa, FL (June 23rd - 25th) 

Winner Takes All 

  • Chapel, FL (June 29th - 2nd) 

ISO League 

  • Panama City, FL (July 21 - July 23rd) 

Ja Morant 

  • Memphis, TN (July 29) 

Josh Howard Basketball Tournament

  • FL (August 5th - August 6th)